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Volunteer service in Huangshan was initiated in 1993 and it started with only about 80 registered young members. Now, we have10 service teams with 2,621 registered volunteers, 25 of whom are particularly focusing on science popularization.

Volunteers Training Camp

All the volunteers will be divided into several groups to better understand the diversified landscape features, biodiversity and cultural diversity. They will visit the Huangshan Geopark Museum, Huangshan Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Jiulong Waterfalls and Feicui New Residential Village to better learn its past and future, the unique characteristics of Huangshan School, the scientific basis of the waterfall formation as well as the impacts on the neighboring community. While on the mountain, they can conduct foot trip to the hot springs, Tiandu Peak,the metrological station on the Brightness Summit, Fuzi mountain and make detailed record of the cliff inscriptions as well as distribution of the plant communities. Finally, they are supposed to finish the assigned science projects, summarize their training activity and plan those future science projects.

Currently 25 volunteers from over 20 universities and institutions have made their personal contribution to the geopark’s science popularization projects by submitting over 20 popular science articles.

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