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Huangshan Geopark Museum

Completed in 2008, Huangshan Geopark Museum is located in Yungu Scenic Area, covering 1400m2. It was previously named Huangshan Geological Museum and since its interior was renovated and upgraded in 2016, it became the current Huangshan Geopark Museum. The new museum can be divided into eleven halls, including Preface Hall, Basic Substances Hall, Landforms Hall, Space-time Tunnel of Geological Evolution, Landscape Hall, Creatures Hall, Lecture Hall, to name just a few. Through its 43 display boards, 8 multimedia touchscreen panels, 71 rock specimens, 39 herbariums, 35 animal specimens as well as 28 works of art, it has fully demonstrated the comprehensive values of Huangshan geopark and the geological evolution of landforms, unveiling the correlation between geological features, biodiversity and cultural diversity.

Equipments for the outdoor education activity

As for education and research purposes, Huangshan Geopark Museum provides about 30 items, including magnifying glasses, geological hammers, safety ropes and GPS receivers, etc.

Geological signboards

During the years between 2014 and 2016, approximately 800 signboards in the park have been modified in accordance with unified design standard and bilingual description, including roughly 80 geological landscape signs.