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Huangshan Excursion Base

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Brief Introduction to Huangshan Excursion Base

In 2015, the Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration announced that Huangshan Study Tours Base became one of the first 10 provincial study tour bases.

The base now consists of Huangshan Geopark Museum, Huangshan Cultural Museum, Huangshan Art Exhibition Center, Huangshan Meteorological Museum and other science-based museums, with study tours themes ranging from geological landscape, biology, culture and meteorology.

There are one professor of engineering and environment science and 20 staff with master degrees in geological landscape, biology, culture and so on. What’s more, the base has established practical teaching and scientific research efforts together with Sun Yat-sen University and other universities, to conduct researches on granite geological landscape, the prevention and control of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, benefiting lots of students majoring in natural science and biology. Since 2015, explanatory service has been offered to numerous people, including more than 3,000 visitors from Baoli Branch of Beijing Chen Jinglun High School.