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There are three entrances of our geopark:

1. The South Entrance in Tangkou, is the most chosen entrance to our geopark, with a large tourists flow. From here, tourists have access to Yuping cableway, and Yungu cableway.

2. The North Entrance in Taiping Town. Tourists have access to Taiping cableway.

3. The West Entrance in Jiaocun Village, is one of the entrances for hiking up the mountain.

Means of Transportation

A: To the South Gate

First, you may get to Huangshan City (Tunxi) by express railway or airplane. Then chose one of the following options to go to Tangkou Town:

- Option 1: Express bus from Huangshan North Railway Station (about20/single ride);

- Option 2: Bus from Huangshan Bus Station(about20/single ride);

- Option 3: Self-driving or taking a taxi 

All of these three means take one hour from Huangshan City (Tunxi) to our geopark (Town of Tangkou).

When you arrive in Tangkou Town, you can take shuttle bus at the National Express Transfer Center to our geopark.


B:To the North Gate

First, you can arrive in Huangshan City (Tunxi) by express railway or airplane.

Then, taking a bus from Huangshan BUS Station to Taiping (about 1 hour's ride);


C:To the West Gate

Self driving