Huangshan scenic spot in China
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Geodiversity is the foundation of biodiversity. The interlaced columnar peaks and deep valleys form the particular local climate, which influence the vertical distribution of plants and the multiplication and inhabitation of wildlife. The granite crust of weathering provides the important material basis for Huangshan pines which are the head of Five Wonders in Mt. Huangshan.
Mt. Huangshan is the natural museum of the granite landform. The varied geomorphologic shapes of Huangshan granite completely record the geomorphologic features of the granite development in different stages. The granite is concentrically distributed centering in Bright Summit spatially, which vividly specifies the geomorphologic rejuvenation of the granite development.
As one of the nine geomorphology geological relics, Huangshan Landform has been the typical representative of granite landform. In 2004, Mt. Huangshan joined in Global Geoparks Network as the first batch.