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The surface water system of Huangshan Mountain, with Guangmingding as the center, distributes radially in the plane. There are 24 main streams, generally about 3-6 km long. Xiaoyao River and kuzhuxi River in the front mountain, Songgu River in the back mountain and Baiyun River in the West Sea are the main streams in Huangshan. Huangshan is the watershed between the Qiantang River and the Yangtze River. It is bounded by the line of Xiefeng Fuqiu peak taohuafeng. The northern water system, including most of the streams of Huangshan, flows into the Taiping Lake and then flows into the Yangtze River through Qingyi River; the water system in the South flows into Xin'an River, then into Fuchun River and Qiantang River.At the same time, we should carry out the special explanation of water resources form and cause, and combine the surrounding natural environment, climate characteristics and cultural landscape to give a comprehensive explanation; we should also carry out the universal education of water resources protection.
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