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Disaster Reduction

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Article 100 fire prevention planning
1. The fire prevention planning follows the principle of "joint prevention and treatment, fire control according to law, prevention first, and prevention and extinguishment equally important".
2. Strengthen the publicity and study of forest law, fire protection law, cultural relics protection law, forest fire prevention regulations, forest fire prevention measures of Anhui Province, and fire control management measures of Anhui Province, so as to improve the fire prevention awareness and knowledge of tourists and residents.
3. Encourage the application of advanced technology such as biological fire prevention technology.
4. Fire source management. We should strengthen the inspection of fire types at each entrance, strictly prohibit burning wasteland and burning incense and paper in the wild, and strengthen the fire management in special areas such as camping sites in scenic spots.
5. Fire compartment planning. According to the distribution characteristics of passenger flow, the law of fire, topography, surface features and vegetation, Huangshan scenic area is divided into five fire prevention areas: Tianhai, Yuping, hot spring, Songgu and DIAOQIAO. The jurisdiction area and area of each fire compartment are shown in table 13-3.
Table 13-3 list of fire compartment
Fire compartment area (HA)
Tianhai fire prevention zone: Xihai scenic spot, Beihai scenic spot, lotus, Guangming, Danxia, lion, Shizhu, Yungu temple, 1470
Yuping fire zone: Tiandu and Yuping peak, Banshan temple and lianhuagou 550
Hot spring fire prevention zone: ciguangge, xiaoyaoting, meimaofeng and taohuafeng, etc
Songgu fire zone, xianrenpu Road, furongju, etc. 3870
DIAOQIAO fire zone: baiyunxi, tanglingguan, xiaolingjiao, etc
Note: the final determination of fire compartment boundary needs to be coordinated and confirmed with relevant management departments.
6. Facility planning. In the near future, the existing fire prevention prediction network, lookout monitoring network and traffic communication network should be retained, and the fire prevention automatic monitoring system should be built in the medium and long term in combination with the "comprehensive information transmission network"; the fire fighting equipment should be maintained and updated in time, and the intact rate should be more than 90%. Fire prevention facilities shall not cause visual landscape damage in the process of setting.
7. Forest fire barrier planning. It is planned to reserve 55 hectares of fire prevention forest belt at the edge of the scenic area; a total of 45 kilometers of fire prevention road including stalagmite, Guangming top, danxiafeng and Beihai scenic spots Furong cave, Tianhai scenic spot Xihai scenic spot, Tianhai scenic spot lianhuagou, xianrenzhilu Pipeng, jiulongting Yungu Temple scenic spot, Ma'anshan trail, zuishi Xiaoling foot; meanwhile, the evergreen broad-leaved forest firewall and Fire forest. Local tree species should be used as far as possible for fire prevention forest. If it is necessary to introduce foreign tree species, strict environmental impact assessment must be carried out.
8. The management organization of Huangshan scenic spot should organize the fire prevention special planning of Huangshan scenic spot.
9. On the premise of effective prevention, ensuring the safety of people's life and property, and protecting the natural and cultural resources and their value in scenic spots, we can consider the appropriate restoration or reproduction of natural processes, and properly dredge the natural fire.
Article 101 flood control planning
1. Continue to carry out basic scientific research work such as hydrological data collection, and define key prevention and control areas.
2. Combine the natural resources monitoring system with the comprehensive information transmission network to build hydrological monitoring and early warning system, and take timely preventive measures.
3. The construction of flood control works, other water conservancy projects and hydropower stations on water bodies shall meet the requirements of flood control.
4. The management organization of Huangshan scenic spot should organize special flood control planning.
Article 102 other disaster prevention plans
1. Disaster prevention planning follows the principle of "prevention first and comprehensive treatment".
2. Geological disaster prevention and control planning. We should strengthen the monitoring of broken mountain areas, timely clean up or fix loose soil and stone in the resource limited utilization area, facilities construction area and community coordination area, and strengthen the monitoring of potential disaster areas. It is forbidden to open mountains for quarrying and minimize the earthwork volume during construction.
3. Biological disaster prevention and control plan. In principle, it is forbidden to bring in or introduce alien species. Strict environmental impact assessment should be carried out for the alien species that really need to be introduced; the monitoring and control of introduced alien species should be strengthened to prevent them from causing biological disasters; the biological prevention and control of forest diseases and insect pests should adhere to the biological control technology, and strengthen the plant quarantine work in scenic spots.
4. Strengthen the prevention of lightning, earthquake, snow disaster and other natural disasters.
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