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Cultural Heritages

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Huangshan's historical culture, religious heritage, culture and art are highly integrated with nature, and it has preserved rich intangible cultural heritage, providing rich connotation and new opportunities for sustainable development. The local tradition standardizes the life style of "relying on mountains and water" and advocates saving resources; the Fengshui forest in Huangshan and the ancient Huizhou area around Huangshan and the traditional custom of closing mountains in winter protect the public resources of the community (see 10.6 for details).
Through the declaration of world heritage, in-depth excavation of cultural connotation and value; the government issued relevant policies and took effective protection measures to support the inheritance and development of traditional handicrafts; and through the guide's explanation, the establishment of signs and signs, and the establishment of museums, the introduction of cultural and spiritual values on the official website of Huangshan, these cultural values and essence are publicized to the public God values and practices are effectively protected. There are no values or practices at risk or in decline.

Through painting, photography, poetry, folk literature and other art forms as the media, the cultural value of Huangshan is spread and publicized. The "Huangshan painting school" in Chinese painting, taking Huangshan landscape as the main object of description, has had a positive and far-reaching impact on the creation of Chinese landscape painting since the Ming Dynasty. The development of modern photography technology provides a new medium for the embodiment of Huangshan cultural value.
It integrates traditional crafts such as wood carving, brick carving and stone carving with Hui style architectural community as the carrier, embodies the traditional resource management mode in Huangshan area, such as making use of natural water system and mountain situation, rationally planning and layout, solving the problems of fire control, cooling, water saving and water purification, provides a place for the display of folk culture and traditional production and life style, and promotes the travel agency through folk tourism District development.
In addition, cultural value and ecological value should be combined. It should be realized that the traditional production and life style is closely related to biological resources and ecological environment. Traditional culture and the knowledge system of local indigenous people should be used in biodiversity protection and ecological education to further reflect the value of culture in the ecological environment protection zone.