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Climate Changes

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Huangshan is located in humid subtropics, and its climate is complex. The temperature in Huangshan is low. The average temperature in Guangmingding (1840m) is - 3.1 ℃ in January, 17.7 ℃ in July, and the average annual temperature is 7.8 ℃. In terms of seasonal variation, over 1340 m, the spring and autumn are shorter, the winter is shorter and the summer is shorter; the snow and snow time is long; the precipitation is rich, and the average annual precipitation is 2398.5 mm. There are many cloudy and foggy days, with an average of 256 days for many years. It is easy to form "sea of clouds", glaze and rime, sunrise, sunset, Buddha light and other natural landscapes.Meteorological monitoring: jointly carry out "Huangshan climate change monitoring" with Anhui meteorological station. At present, there are 10 meteorological stations in Huangshan, including one Huangshan national benchmark climate station, four six element automatic stations of yungusi, Shimen Reservoir, tangkouzhai West and Wuliqiao reservoir, and five four element automatic stations of Beihai, Grand Canyon, songgu'an, Wenquan and yupinglou. The earliest one is Huangshan national reference climate station, which was opened in 1956.