Huangshan scenic spot in China
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Lying at the convergence zone from subtropics to the temperate zone, Mt. Huangshan, possessing the bi-features of flora and fauna series in subtropics and flora and fauna series in the temperate zone, is the key area for biodiversity conservation.
During the quaternary climatic fluctuation, because of its unique geographic location and complex landform, Huangshan became the shelter for flora and fauna, saving a large number of ancient valuable and rare species. As the migration channel for flora and fauna, Huangshan becomes the exchanging and blending site for cosmopolitan species. They are the species with the highest genetic diversity in Huangshan, which gives the conservation priority to these species (ESU).
Huangshan (Huangshan City of 9807km2) has extremely rich biodiversity and a variety of endemic species. Thereare 456 vertebrates and more than 1800 higher plants (which account for 7% of the total number of Chinese flora and fauna).
In Mt. Huangshan, there are 1805 higher plants, among which 37 are national key protected animals including Emmenopterys henryi, Gingko biloba, Pseudotsuga sinensis and Taxus spp; there are 323 vertebrates, among which 28 are national key protected plants including Neofelis nebulosa, Muntiacus crinifrons, Capricornis milneedwardsii, Macaca thibetana, Lophura nycthemera and Andrias davidianus.
As the only one non-mammalian vertebrate with the function of the ultrasonic communication globally, the unique Rana tormotus of Mt. Huangshan has the great potential research value.
Based on the rich biodiversity in Huangshan, the global 108 biodiversity distribution centers confirmed by IUCN include Huangshan (Jiangnan Hills and Zhemin Mountains, IUCN Conservation Office, 1990. Evaluation Criterion: diversity of plant species). 35 biodiversity conservation priority areas confirmed by China include Huangshan (Evaluation Criterion: TNC ecotope assessment system). In China Biodiversity Partnership Framework(CBPF), the irreplaceability index of the biodiversity in Huangshan remains the highest in Eastern China. Huangshan is the biodiversity hot spot which most deserves the conservation in Eastern China.