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Huangshan Scenic Area achieved good results in the Municipal Red Cross ambulance teacher competition

Publish Date: 2022-08-03 08:32Sources: 黄山管委会 Edit: 规划土地处(黄山地质公园管理局)Views:

The Red Cross Society of HuangshanScenic Area won the second gourp prize of the first rescue practical teaching competition held by Huangshan Red Cross Society from July 25 to 29.  

The Red Cross Society of Huangshan Scenic Area has been committed to the popularization of rescue knowledge and skills and the training of Red Cross rescuers among the first-line tourism practitioners in the scenic area for many years. The outstanding backbone forces of health and epidemic prevention center, public security and comprehensive treatment were selected to participate in the training of rescue teachers. More than 10 people have successively obtained the qualification of rescue teachers, and the Red Cross rescuers have been extended to the front-line staff and government cadres and workers in the scenic area. In the past five years, more than 200 Red Cross rescuers have been trained every year, which has effectively improved the ability of first-line staff in the scenic area to rescue each other and help themselves.