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Huangshan evaluated as excellent in the assessment of food safety across the whole city

Publish Date: 2022-07-08 11:16 Views:

Huangshan Food Safety Committee has assessed food safety in all districts of the city lately. Huangshan was evaluated and announced as class A, which means excellent in ensuring food safety.

In line with relevant requirements, Huangshan has implemented strategy in all respects to ensure food safety. There was no food accident in the area of Huangshan in the last whole year, thanks to the following measures:

Food risk is classified to optimize management.

Food inspection has been rolled out on all producers and business runners to ensure every single point during the chain from farmland to the table. In 2021, the Market Regulation Administration of Huangshan Scenic Area inspected more than 3.4 thousand food entrepreneurs and sellers, solved 896 food safety problems, and investigated over 20 criminals.

Foster reliable food brand. In 2021, we supported the found of 1 provincial model company, 1 provincial reliable brand, 1 elite workshop and 6 model workshops of the city, 36 civilized and honest companies, and 6 companies of assured and satisfied consumption.

Create a model of monitor and service. The Food Safety Intelligent Supervision Platform was fully put into use in 2021. At present, it is connected to 196 food production and operation enterprises, and supervisors can realize remote supervision through terminals or handheld terminals.

Build a new pattern of social co-governance. All departments in the scenic spot perform their respective duties and work together to realize the sharing and co-governance of food safety in the aspects of publicity, inspection, fund guarantee, and special prevention and control inspection.

In 2022, Huangshan will focus on the key issues of concern to the masses and great social impact, strengthen the problem orientation, carry out the special action of "keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety", and strive to create a national food safety demonstration city, so as to provide a solid food safety guarantee for building an ecological international world-class leisure and vacation tourism destination city with high standards.