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4 measures of Huangshan to prevent children and youth from drowning

Publish Date: 2022-06-27 17:12 Views:

Establish a drowning prevention team with clear responsibility to assess risk and make preparation. Each district is under the watch of its own commander to form a grid prevention system.

Develop a feasible prevention strategy. Focus areas are defined, notice boards and safety nets are installed, and more rescue supplies are ready.

All hidden danger points are identified. Investigation is done in every district to identify dangerous waters. Information like coordinates, prevention measures, signs, management personnel of these waters are collected. To achieve grid, fine and whole process management, and build a strict and closed-loop responsibility implementation mechanism and prevention chain; Give full play to the role of front-line management forces such as comprehensive management, public security, municipal supervision, fire prevention, environmental sanitation and reservoir managers, enrich grid patrol forces, strengthen emergency rescue and ensure timely rescue.

Publicity and education are in place. Report and publicize the deployment of drowning prevention work and the spirit of instructions from superiors on the wechat official account of "Huangshan, China"; For teenagers, a group of interesting original posters were made in the image of Huangshan pets; Drafted a letter to tourists, cadres and workers, informing them of warm tips on drowning prevention, and forming a good atmosphere for common attention and participation in drowning prevention in the whole society; Record the warning recording, and the electronic police will play it repeatedly in each area, and often sound the drowning alarm; A letter to the broad masses of the people - strictly prevent drowning and cherish life was issued to the surrounding villages of Huangshan scenic spot. The publicity on drowning prevention safety was carried out in villages and households, and the prevention of villagers' illegal entry into undeveloped and open areas of the scenic spot was strengthened.