Huangshan scenic spot in China
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The 2nd session of lecture on Huangshan UNESCO designations is held

Publish Date: 2022-06-01 11:29 Views:

The lecture is an implementation of the Integrated Management Mechanism of Huangshan Three UNESCO Designations. It aims to deepen staff’s knowledge of Huangshan’s UNESCO designations. Recently the 2nd session of the lecture is held by our team for promotion of integrated management. The lecture is held in the form of field trip and indoor workshop.

During the field trip, staff from different department exchanged their information and knowledge of their own industries. Colleagues of Geopark Musuem and Cultural Heritage Office have shared the evolution process and cultural value of our geopark, showed how to collect rock specimens. A colleague of Geopark Office introduced the process of UNESCO Global Geopark application. Colleagues of  Environment Protection demonstrate the technique of monitoring negative oxygen and describe details about the protection of the Guest Greeting Pine. Colleagues of the Biosphere Reserve Office told the process of applying Biosphere Reserve designation, biodiversity of Huangshan and etc.

While for the indoor workshop, colleagues of Geopark Office gave a presentation about difference and similarity of the three UNESCO designations, the necessarily and feasibility of integrated management.