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May Day holiday in Huangshan

Publish Date: 2022-05-06 11:01 Views:

During this May Day holiday, Huangshan has received 23600 tourists.

Considering the pandemic prevention policy of "Don’t leave Huangshan if not necessary”, Huangshan offered a preferential and free promotion for citizens in Huangshan city. The Alpine Azalea Flower Appreciation Festival is arranged with free entrance tickets, half price for cable cars, and hotel rooms on the mountain.

To ensure safe and orderly travel, sufficient duty force is arranged before the holiday to make every effort to ensure the safety of important nodes ,and passenger flow control. The distribution center and ticket check-in gate have added service windows to help tourists make appointments to enter the mountain.

For the pandemic prevention and control, Huangshan provides health volunteer service at the exit of the freeway in Tangkou Town, strictly controls the entrance of the distribution center, implements the receiving principle of "limit, appointment and peak staggering", and the requirements of wearing masks, checking health and path codes, measuring temperature and social distance, and guide tourists to do a good job in personal protection through various ways.

In addition, 11 volunteer service teams are set up at the main nodes of Huangshan to provide personalized services for tourists to solve various problems as much as possible. The consultation and complaint center of Huangshan was on duty for 24 hours and accepted and handled 1438 tourist inquiries.