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Hotels of Huangshan Tourism Development Company take measures to survive the pandemic

Publish Date: 2022-04-12 11:29 Views:

To survive the pandemic and reserve energy for post-pandemic resilience, the hotels of Huangshan Tourism Development Company, the partner of Huangshan UNESCO Global Geopark, have taken several self-help measures.

First, hotels have reduced their expenditure. They’ve made stricter budget control and reduced unnecessary procurement and hotel operating costs. On the other hand, the hotels have been striving for the support of tax relief, job stabilization subsidies, and other assistance policies to alleviate the pressure of operation.

Second, they’ve held many activities to increase income. For instance, live commerce and online presell benefits have attracted lots of people to buy room packages, wedding gift bags, conference coupons, laundry service, vouchers, VIP cards, etc.

Third, focusing on the local market, the hotels have also extended their service, like family chef, housekeeping, laundry, etc.

Besides, during this slack period, hotels hold online lectures for employees and support personnel exchange with other hotels. Some hotels connected with local tea enterprises, help with tea collection, which alleviated the recruitment difficulty of tea farmers.

In addition, hotels are also vigorously promoting reform, product research, innovation, and project launch. Their Procurement and Distribution Center is under reform to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The takeout brand, Monkey Easy, is created to meet the diversified consumption needs of tourists while realizing garbage reduction and ecological protection. According to the changes in tourist groups, some hotels are being redesigned to improve the tourist experience.