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Huangshan meet with UNESCO HIST to discuss the new session of Huangshan Dialogue Conference

Publish Date: 2022-03-17 09:54 Views:

Recently, Fu Bihong and Chen Fulong, the deputy directors of the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Culture Heritage under the auspices of UNESCO(HIST) visited Huangshan to discuss the cooperation in holding the Huangshan Dialogue on UNESCO Designated Sites.

The two sides, Huangshan and HIST reviewed the previous three Huangshan Dialogue conferences and the early docking of the fourth Huangshan Dialogue, reached a consensus on continuing to cooperate in holding the Huangshan Dialogue, and conducted in-depth discussions on the organizer, time, scale, conference theme and safeguard measures. The two sides agreed to sign the memorandum of cooperation on jointly holding the "Huangshan Dialogue on UNESCO Heritage and Sustainable Development" before preparing for the fourth Huangshan dialogue.