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The 32nd Huangshan Nature Lecture are held for the World Wildlife Day

Publish Date: 2022-03-04 10:46 Views:

To celebrate the World Wildlife Day, The 32nd session of Huangshan Nature Lecture is held by Huangshan Geopark Museum with No.332 Geology Investigation Team of the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui province on March.3. More than 400 teachers and students were involved in this activity.

In the Demonstration Kindergarten of Tunxi district, the rescue team of Huangshan City explained the knowledge of fire rescue and the use of fire-fighting equipment to the children to help them establish the awareness of fire safety. The volunteers of Huangshan Geopark Museum taught knowledge about nature observation, and led the children to observe and perceive nature from the aspects of vision, smell and touch. The volunteers also help children to observe birds and to learn the birds around them and appreciate the unique charm of wild animals.

In the afternoon, volunteers went to Tangkou Primary School with the knowledge of how to categorize birds and 20 regular birds around people. Then, in combination with the actual situation that birds are about to enter the breeding season, volunteers taught students how to observe birds scientifically and comprehensively and rescue birds reasonably, which won bursts of applause from the students.