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Huangshan UNESCO Global Geopark held tour guide training class

Publish Date: 2021-12-27 14:51 Views:

Huangshan Geopark Administrative Committee held a tour guide training class together with Tour Guide Association of Huansgahn City in December. 40 local guides with experience in live broadcast participated.

Through indoor and field teaching, in the form of Q&A, 7 special training lectures were held in terms of biodiversity, cliff stone carvings, geological landform, meteorological landscape, scenic area management, communication, cableway operation, etc.

The participating tour guides said that through this training, they had a comprehensive further understanding of protection and management of Huangshan scenic spot, cultural and natural resources, tourism infrastructure and services, and had a new understanding on how to enrich and standardize the interpretation of Huangshan under the new situation.

Huangshan has always adhered to sustainable tourism development for a long time and has been committed to improving tourists' experience and satisfaction. However, with the deepening of the practice of ecological civilization construction, higher requirements are put forward for tour guides. We should not only tell the beautiful scenery and stories of Huangshan, but also the concept of World Heritage site, Biosphere Reserve, and Global Geopark, to guide tourists to abide by the Convention on civilized tourism and the relevant management regulations of Huangshan, to jointly protect natural and historical and cultural resources, protect the ecological environment and maintain tourism order.

On June 1, 2020, the Measures for the Interpretation Service in Huangshan was officially implemented, which specifies the requirements for the construction, management, training for tour guides. The training was carried out according to this Measure, aiming to further improve the interpretation service and tourists satisfaction.